O nama

Who are we?

Georgina and Oliver are founders of Planet Kind. We are a company on a mission to support the health of ourselves and the planet.

It shouldn’t be difficult to live a more healthy life which is in harmony with the planet we live on. This should be natural and easy.

We think it’s quite possible to live a modern, exciting, life, which has less of a negative impact on the environment and ourselves. This is the ethos of Planet Kind, in a nutshell.

At Planet Kind, we hope to empower you to make better decisions which are easy and not too drastic. Nothing is perfect, but we hope to be able to give you more options to make the right choices. Enough small changes can create a big impact.


Unfortunately, we live in an age of increased environmental destruction and accelerated destructive practices across the globe. We’ve lost the connection between the health of our planet and the well-being of us as humans. The consumer-culture we live in does not seem to prioritize health or well-being.

Something is out of balance. So of the products we see in shops, buy, or the lifestyle choices that we consider to be ‘normal’, aren’t good for us, or are awful for the planet.

We get it. Even if we want to make the right choices, it can often still be very challenging to find products or make lifestyle choices that are actually good for us and that don’t harm the planet. This seems to be part of “normal” life.

Our goal is to change this. It should be easy to make better choices as consumers. We want to make it easy for you to shop greener, healthier, and more consciously.